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About Afghanistan

Due to the two decades war and destruction all the infrastructures of our beloved homeland Afghanistan have been damaged and the development of civil, economic, social and cultural institutions have been totally deactivated and poverty and distress prevailed in all strata of the society. The establishment of the new system in Afghanistan supported by the international community provided the ground for ensuring political stability and reconstruction of the country. Through this opportunity the establishment and development of social political, economical and cultural unity a new phase has been entered for...

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Azizi Foundation

Azizi Foundation is an independent, non-political, non-government and non-profit corporation. This foundation accomplishes its activity as per the United Nations Charter, universally accepted conventions and according to the contents of this charter. This foundation carries out its activities in accordance with the constitutional provisions and other applicable laws of the country and respecting to the Declaration of Universal Human Rights. Azizi Foundation has its own logo and emblem which show its identification and its name is Azizi Foundation (AF).

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Azizi Group

Over the past 18 years, Azizi Group has gone from strength to strength.
Besides Trust and Foundation work, the Group's core interests are in to Banking & Finance, Real Estate Investment, Development & Construction, Tourism & Hospitality, Mining, Investments and Oil & Gas in Afghanistan and United Arab Emirates respectively.

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